Breakfast of Champions

It was a privilege to host the participants in the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities’ Youth Entrepreneurship Partnership Program (YEPP) at Peerage Capital headquarters.

Through YEPP, aspiring entrepreneurs (ages16-29) complete a 12-week program that provides them with an opportunity to refine their vision for a business. They receive support from a mentor to create a business plan, along with the development of marketing, communications and other related skills.

Once the 12-week program is completed, the youth present their business idea/plan to a panel of judges with business seed fund awards for the top presentations and plans. The winners of the competition (Youth Venture Competition) also receive a free trial of Shopify, along with further mentorship to transfer their business on the Shopify platform and create an e-commerce platform.

YEPP sponsors include: SCHC, Toronto Metropolitan University Enactus Group, Northpine Foundation, Peerage Capital, and Shopify.