“When it comes to achieving excellence in any business, passion is always the starting point.”

Miles S. Nadal


When it comes to business, Miles believes that those who “invest in passion” will always succeed. He founded Peerage Capital to build businesses with Partners who are passionate, driven entrepreneurs with a clear vision for the growth of their businesses. As a private, family-owned company, Peerage selects those with aligned values and invests for the long-term, taking advantage of strategic opportunities as they arise.

Peerage Capital has over 8,500 agents and employees across North America. It operates in three core business sectors: Peerage Realty Partners in real estate services, Echelon Wealth Partners and ARS Investment Partners in wealth advisory and investment banking, and Vaultra in the storage sector.

Peerage Realty Partners

Peerage Realty Partners is the 8th largest brokerage firm in the U.S. and is the largest Sotheby’s International Realty franchisee in the world.

It operates across North America, partnering with proven entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and eager to optimize growth. Peerage Realty adds value by providing its partners with capital, finance and accounting expertise, technology, communications and marketing, and all the other resources required for success in an evolving market.

Peerage Realty Services

Echelon Wealth Advisors

Echelon is Canada’s second-largest, independent wealth advisory and non-bank capital markets firm with over 550 employees across the country, including 210 investment advisors and over 80 capital markets professionals. It has over $12 Billion of combined client assets.

Financial Services

Peerage Capital
Echelon Patners
ARS Investment
Artemis Investment
Vestcap Invest

Vaultra Storage

Vaultra is one of the leading self-storage operators in Canada, with over three million square feet of storage capacity under management, ownership, and development. In the Greater Toronto Area, it is at the forefront of offering concierge services that allow customers to call for pickup and delivery of their stored property.

Real Estate Group

Peerage storage
Vaultra storage

Miles Nadal's 12 Principles of Partnership

A Core Part of My Values and Beliefs for Successfully Selecting a Partner

We believe the following principles provide Peerage with a sustainable point of differentiation and a durable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We also believe that by following these principles, we select better partners who deliver superior, sustainable, profitable growth and optimize value for all stakeholders.

“In order to have a good partner, you have to be a good partner.”

Charlie Munger