Celebrating Exceptional Innovation at the Miles Nadal Home for Technological Innovation And Entrepreneurship

The Miles Nadal Home for Technological Innovation And Entrepreneurship hosted a delegation of CISO’s and Cyber experts were hosted this week as part of their TAU Ventures initiative. TAU Ventures is the first venture capital fund, founded by Tel Aviv University, for investing in early stage, cutting-edge, technologies based in Israel.

“After working in the startup ecosystem for 10 years, founding 3 companies, out of which 2 were sold, I finally found a home. TAU Ventures is the home for the XTEND team, giving us the space, support, funding and atmosphere to take-off and make our dreams come true. The uniqueness about TAU Ventures is on one hand the freedom to operate, strong connection to everything Tel-Aviv University has to offer and constant deal flow of potential customers, mentors and investors”

“TAU Ventures has transformed us (at Cyabra) from wantrepreneurs to a full blown startup. We consider oursleves, without a doubt, very lucky to have them as our new family.”

“From the very beginning, it was clear that TAU Venture was a very professional team, making decisions quickly and being true to their word. I was very pleased with their insiders’ knowledge and their ability to contribute to the company. They were constantly on the look-out for opportunities helpful to ForceNock, and backed ForceNock from its earliest beta up until its acquisition by Check Point”