Meet the Collector Who Just Bought 99 of the World’s Rarest Sneakers for $850,000

Last week, Sotheby’s and Stadium Goods announced they were selling 100 of the world’s rarest sneakers in an online auction scheduled to run until the end of the month. But it seems one sneaky collector couldn’t wait that long and has snapped up 99 pairs of the coveted kicks in six days, no less.

Canadian entrepreneur Miles Spencer Nadal—the executive chairman of multibillion-dollar investment firm Peerage Capital—walked away with all but one pair of sneakers for the cool sum of $850,000. And no, the 61-year-old isn’t planning to rock the ultra-rare Yeezys in a bid to gain street cred—he’s decided to display the entire collection in his 94,000-square-foot private museum.

Source: Robb Report

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